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Wind Turbines

September 18, 2011 Posted by Tlittle

Wind turbines harvest the power of wind into energy that can fuel anything direct it toward. Whilst It might seem that of your renewable energy options for the home, a wind turbine is impractical. If you live in an environment that doesn’t get much sun and is a windy it may be your primary option. One of the best features to wind turbines made for the home is that they don’t take up much room when compared to solar panels, and they don’t need to be angled toward the source of energy as they will do that themselves. Domestic wind turbines come in a variety of shapes and sizes as the technology develops a certain design will prevail but that has not happened as yet. As with all renewable energy sources the problem lies with not only the initial cost of setup, but also in the storage of generated energy, this is why it is best to have the turbine hooked up to the grid which the house gets its energy from, this also provides the potential of income from surplus energy feed back into the grid. Wind turbines start at around $400 for 400Watts and go all the way to millions of dollars for industrial sized models, keep in mind that the average American household uses 30KW per day.